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Study Finds Risk of Early Death Lowest for Adults in Iceland, Cyprus
Building Art Out of Legos
Remembering Duke Ellington
Visiting the National Arboretum in Washington
How a TV Appearance Did the Trick for a Rising Young Magician
World's Oldest Barber Can Still Give 25 Haircuts a Day
Disney Family Museum Honors Mickey's Father
High-Speed Trains May Be Coming to California, Florida
How People Like Levi Strauss Put Their Mark on the American West
Where the Dinosaurs Are, Part 1
He Trained in the Restaurant Industry, and Now He Serves the Homeless
Desert Museum in Arizona Exhibits Native Plants and Animals
What Happens When Child Prodigies Grow Up?
International Music Project Aims to Create 'Inspiring Connections'
New York City Celebrates Its 400th Anniversary
Digitizing the World's Biggest Library
Buzz Aldrin: Still Looking to the Stars, and Hoping Others Will Too
Using Computer Games to Support Democracy and Conflict Resolution
Saving the Bog Turtle, One of the Rarest Kinds in North America
Maine Boat Builders Hope for Smoother Seas After the Recession
Georgia O'Keefe Exhibit Presents the Familiar With the Unfamiliar

VOA Learning English - Agriculture Report # 391
Oil Spill Puts Fisheries, Birds at Risk Along US Gulf Coast
Transgenic Crops Get Good Marks in General in US Study
Study Warns of Dangers to World's Mangrove Forests
In Haiti, a Struggle to Get Crops in the Ground
Deforestation Decreased Over the Past 10 Years
Study Documents Effects of Market Policy Changes on Three West African Countries
West Africans, Free Markets and the '08 Food Crisis
Rise in Food Gardens in US Brings Crop of Questions for Experts
Broccoli and Cauliflower Their Tops Make Good Eating
Want to Grow a Root? Beets Are Hard to Beat
Winter Gives a Hard Chop to Washington's Cherry Trees
Burros Can Do More Than Work Just as Pack Animals
Some Crops Can Help Farmers Prepare for Disasters
Mapping the Way to a Better Soybean
New Understanding of How Plants Use Water
Giving Grasslands a Rest
Keeping Plants and Trees Warm When Temperatures Drop
New Alliance to Study Greenhouse Gases in Agriculture
Circular Thinking: Round Barns on US Farms
How a Hoop House Can Extend the Growing Season
Officials in US Look for Fixes to Carp Problems
An International Treaty Targets Fishing Abuses
Making Better Concrete With Rice?
Earl Cooley: Remembering an Early Smokejumper
Two Efforts Seek to Increase Food Security in Africa
Why Holding Fruit on Trees May Limit Next Year's Crop
Group Works to Expand Supply of Cattle Vaccine in Africa
With Resistant Crops, Progress Can Raise New Problems
Learning the Secrets of the Potato, and an Enemy
In Developing World, Health Services May Be Just a Phone Call Away
World Bank Sees Progress on Development Goals
India's Aravind Eye Care System Gets Hilton Prize
Computers, Children and the Digital Divide
Water Shortages Continue to Threaten the World's Growing Population
Protecting Children Against Pneumonia
One-Hour Blackout to Go Green
For World's Poor, a Personal Toilet and Source of Fertilizer
Marking International Womens Day
The Danger of Counterfeit Drugs (Second of Two Parts)
The Dangers of Counterfeit Drugs (First of Two Parts)
UNICEF Appeals for Aid for Women and Children
Increasing Food Security in Dry Areas of the Middle East
Breathing Easier: The Art of Stove Making
Steps Urged to Prevent Snakebites, Improve Treatments
New Vaccine Joins Campaign to End Polio
Solar-Powered Pumps Aid African Farmers
New Treatment for Sleeping Sickness
Disabilities in Old, Young Studied in Developing Nations
Bringing Light to Homes in Poor Countries
Increase in Illegal Killing of Rhinos in Africa, Asia
Looking for New Ways to Fight Malaria
Some Tips for Cold Storage of Foods
Results of UN Food Summit Seen as Disappointing
Project Finds New Homes for Unwanted Bikes From US
Plan Aims to Fight Child Diarrhea in Developing World
In Kenya, a Better Life Through Mobile Money
Simple, Low-Cost Ways to Cut the Risk of an Early Birth
Report Calls Attention to Millions of Preterm Births
Need an Answer? Just Ask the Box
One Group's Fight for Understandable Language
Adding Up the Costs of Lost Travel in Europe
Reform of Financial System Is Obama's Next Goal in Congress
'Net Neutrality,' Gene Patents Face Legal Setbacks in US
More Than $5 Billion Promised to Rebuild Haiti
Historic Measure Expands Health Coverage
Plan Aims to Expand Broadband Across US
What 'Citizens United' Does for US Companies, Unions
How a Corporation Is Like a Person
'I Am Deeply Sorry,' Toyota Chief Tells US Congress
With Loan Guarantees, Obama Looks to Nuclear Energy for Jobs
EU Offers Words of Support to Greece
A Rough Road for Toyota
For Youths in US, a Jump in Media Use
Obama Seeks Limits on Banks, Condemns Campaign Finance Ruling
Google May Leave Fast-Growing China
Electronics Industry Hopes for a Reset in 2010
Banks Recovered, but the Economy Struggled in 2009
Where Every Day Is Christmas
US Banks Under Pressure to Lend More
How Islamic Finance Works
Dubai Feels the Financial Pain
Junior Achievement Marks 90 Years of Business Education
Half of US Jobs Now Held by Women
On the Road to Health Reform, Congress Moves a Step Closer
So Where Are the Jobs?
US Says Economy Grew 3.5 Percent in Third Quarter
In the US, the New Look of Gas Exploration
Nobel Recognizes Research Into Economic Governance
Cities Now Home to More Than Half of All People
How an Involved Parent Can Help Prevent Bullying
Bullying: Comments From Around the World
Girl's Suicide in US Brings Fresh Attention to Bullying
New US Law Cuts Out Private Lenders for Student Loans
Higher Education in US: What Does It Cost?
Too Few Women in Science
Considering National Education Standards
Obama's 'Blueprint for Reform' in Education Goes to Congress
The Battle of the Brains
Studies Link Girls' Sports to Gains in Life
8 US States to Test High School Changes
An English Test, and a Warning
Need Help With Your Writing? Try This Web Site
Some US Students Learn Mandarin With China's Help
Students' Writing and the Web: Motivator or OMG?
Getting Schools Not Just to Go Green but Teach It, Too
A Military Education at West Point
John Dewey, 1859-1952: Educator and 'America's Philosopher'
A Review of Education Reports This Past Year
Letting Religion Into the Classroom, but Setting Limits
Educational Technology: Not Just Computers
Bess Lomax Hawes Brought Folk Music to a Wider Public
Some Advice on Choosing a College
Number of Foreign Students in US Hits New High
US Colleges Set Enrollment Record
Bringing Young People Together by Video
High School Exchange Students in US Share Their Thoughts
Write or Wrong: The Death of Handwriting?
College Guide Aims to Help Students Avoid a 'Thin Education'
Getting Students Excited About a Life in the Biosciences
South Africa's Huge HIV Testing Campaign
Hospital Infections in US Continue to Rise
Study Finds Drop in Deaths of Mothers in Developing World
For Africa, a Possible New Way to Treat Sleeping Sickness
Ear Care: Do-It-Yourself Wax Removal
Obama Signs Historic Health Care Bill
Snacking Adds to Weight Issue for Children in US
Almost 5 Million Lives Saved Through AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Treatment
The Argument Over Salt and Health
Vaccine-Autism Study Is Withdrawn
Treating an Abnormal Heartbeat
Needle Injuries to Medical Students Often Go Unreported
Two Studies Give a Lift to Running Barefoot
Less Salt Can Mean More Life
Study Adds to Understanding of Language and the Brain
Health: Now, an Update on Those New Year's Resolutions
How Loneliness Can Infect Social Networks
Slow and Gentle Are Best in Treating Hypothermia
Want to Stay Warm in Winter? Think COLD
Study Finds Treatment Cured Sickle Cell in Adults
'Gelotophobia' Is No Laughing Matter
Experts Say as AIDS Epidemic Changes, So Should Prevention Efforts
Screening for Breast, Cervical Cancer: The New Advice
Debate Over New Guidelines for Breast Cancer Screening
US to End HIV Travel Ban in January
A Test for Brain Injury Creates Its Own Risks in Children
Punishment or Reward: Which Works Better on Behavior?
Leprosy: An Old Disease That Claimed a New Saint
Three Scientists Win Nobel Prize in Medicine

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