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 Видео на английском с субтитрами о мотивации и успехе от Брайан Трейси



>>Английский язык >>Видео на английском языке с субтитрами

Мотивирующие видео на английском языке с английскими субтитрами от Брайан Трейси

Брайан Трейси - известный мотиватор на достижение целей и успехов. В своем видео он рассказывает, как добиваться то, чего ты хочешь. Вы узнаете про секреты достижения успехов у богатых людей. Вы измените свое отношение к жизни и станете более энергичны и продуктивны.

Брайан Трейси в своих мотивирующих роликах говорит достаточно умеренной, небыстрой речью. Вам будет легко уловить суть видео, а субтитры помогут вам в этом.
Учите английский язык и улучшайте свою жизни одновременно.

Не забудьте влючить субтитры на видео! Субтитры созданы автоматически каналом youtube и могут содержать неточности в тексте. Но для Вас самое главное научиться слышать большую часть речи и понимать ее суть.

2 Important Habits of Successful People
(2 главные привычки успешных людей)

0:00hello I'm Brian Tracy your ability to develop good work habits
0:05for what you do determines how much you earn how effective you
0:09are how much your respect in your organization
0:12and how much real satisfaction you get out of your job
0:16unfortunately most people are poor
0:19workers their own organize their focused
0:22and easily distracted they work at about fifty percent of capacity
0:26sadly enough they don't even seem to know how to work
0:30any differently and this is a big problem today
0:33even if they wanted to it's like speaking in a foreign language
0:37they would know how to do it without first being talk
0:40how to achieve success in every area of your life
0:44you have to develop the habits of highly successful
0:47and hard working people to begin with
0:50the Foundation said good work habits can be summarized into words
0:54focus and concentration now focus requires
0:59clarity concerning the desired results and the relative priority
1:04each step that you need to take to achieve those results
1:07when you think a focused think up a photographer adjusting his lands
1:12to keep the key subjects sharp in the center the picture
1:15to become a truly hard working individual at work
1:19you must be continually adjusting your lands
1:22to be sure that what you're working on is the most important thing
1:26you could be doing at the moment to achieve your most important goal
1:30successful people understand that the worst waste of time
1:34is doing something very well that need not be done at all
1:39now concentration requires the ability to stay with the task until it's 100
1:44percent complete
1:45successful people understand that they must work in a straight line to get from
1:50where they are
1:51to where they want to go without diversion or distraction
1:55if you want to accomplish your goals you must be sure that
1:59everything you do is taking you in that direction and then develop good habits
2:04to get you there this decision alone will dramatically increase the quality
2:09and quantity
2:10have what you get done every day and soon enough you will be cut what are the
2:15most successful people in your field
2:17now there are several benefits from learning how to concentrate first
2:22important task completion is a source energy and enthusiasm
2:27and self-esteem on the other hand failure to complete important task
2:32or to complete them only partially is not only a major source of stress
2:37but it deeply church energy and your enthusiasm
2:41and your self-esteem when you complete an important task
2:45you experience a surge in energy and well be
2:49but when you work on it unimportant ask even if you completed in a timely
2:54you get no feeling of satisfaction or personal reward at all
2:59there's no payoff for completing low-level tasks
3:03disciplining yourself to concentrate on a job until it is finished
3:07gives you a feeling of confidence and competence
3:10and mastery it develops you into a hard working person
3:14and it gives you an experience that self control so that you feel that you're in
3:19have your own destiny thank you for viewing this video
3:23on developing focus and clarity if you enjoy this video
3:27please press the the like button below and click on the link and the screen to
3:33to my YouTube channel


3 Words That Can Change Your Life Forever
(3 слова, которые изменят вашу жизнь навсегда)

0:00a friend of mine is just written a book called words
0:03can change your brain and what is found based on
0:06years though the intensive work in neuroscience
0:09is that certain words have a tremendous impact on the way you think and feel
0:14positive or negative so to part of this
0:17segment is to change your language for a positive outlook
0:21for example in flying the word attitude
0:25refers to the angle or flight have your approach
0:28relative to the horizon with you lower or raise the nose of the plane you
0:33change the
0:34attitude the plane the way you think about a problem
0:38determines your attitude or approach as well
0:41here are three words that you can use to
0:46change your had to and your approach to
0:49any difficulty you face first upon
0:52change the word problem to the word situation
0:56whereas problems and negative word that triggers feelings of fear and anxiety
1:01situation is a neutral word so instead of saint we have a problem you can say
1:07we have a situation my personal preference
1:12is to change the word problem to the word challenge
1:15whenever something goes wrong merely say well we have an interesting challenge
1:20facing us today is the challenge is a positive word
1:24when you think a challenge is to get something that you rise to something
1:27that brings out the best
1:29in you and others challengers are what make life
1:32exciting and worth living by rising to the challenge is a
1:36day-to-day life you fulfil more and more
1:39I've your potential perhaps the best word all
1:45is opportunity it said the same we have a problem you can say
1:49we haven't unexpected opportunity Napoleon Hill was famous for saint
1:55every problem for difficulty you face can change the C Devin
2:00equal or greater advantage or benefit your job is to
2:04find the benefit look for the good in every situation
2:08and this way of approaching a problem is determined by
2:11York attitude the attitude of
2:16looking for the good in every situation at looking for the advantage
2:20or benefit any problem or difficulty is the way that the most successful people
2:25most at the time superior people leaders in all areas
2:29PC inevitable ups and downs a daily life
2:32on the way to their destinations by taking complete control
2:36up there thinking and their emotions and they do this by choosing the words
2:41they used to describe a situation their tone of voice
2:45and their behavior in dealing with problems a market maturity
2:51a final quality on the road to success in happiness and balance in life
2:56is expecting problems and difficulties as normal
2:59natural and unavoidable part supply you can never avoid them
3:04they come as they say like the waves at the ocean problems
3:08never stop becoming a superior person requires accepting
3:12that when you set off toward a big exciting goal our destination
3:16you will experience unexpected turbulence
3:19wanna mark some leaders
3:22is they don't like to fail but they know that they're going to fail
3:25over and over again on the road to success Thomas J Watson senior the
3:31IBM was once asked by a young journalist how we could be
3:34more successful faster and he said if you want to be more successful faster he
3:38said you must double
3:40your rate a failure success lies
3:43on the far side a failure and the way that you
3:46succeed and fail feeling sexy is learn from every experience
3:51look for the good call it a situation a challenge
3:54or an opportunity to keep your mind positive and created
3:59as you work your way through it

7 Keys to a Positive Personality
(7 ключей к счастливой жизни)

0:00hello I'm Brian Tracy and I want to give you seven great keys
0:05to a positive personality remember a positive personality will have more of
0:09an impact on your success and happiness
0:11then perhaps any other factor out
0:14your physical diet has a large impact on your
0:18levels up helping energy cue eat fresh help the high quality food at all kinds
0:23and avoid the foods that are bad for you he'll have more energy
0:27be generally resistant to most diseases sleep better
0:31and feel healthier and happier in the same way your mental diet
0:37largely determines your character and your personality
0:40had almost everything that happens to you in life when you feed your mind with
0:45positive ideas and information
0:47books conversations with positive people in
0:51audio programs preferably Brian Tracy audio programs
0:55and positive thoughts you develop a more positive
0:59and constructive personality you become more
1:02influential and persuasive you enjoy greater self-confidence
1:06and self-esteem those people who work with computers
1:12use the expression guy/girl or garbage in
1:15garbage out but the reverse is also true
1:19goody n good out when you make it clear
1:22unequivocal the station that you are going to take complete control
1:27over your mind eliminate the negative emotions and thoughts that
1:30being held you back in the past and become a completely
1:34positive percent you can actually bring about your own
1:38personal transformation your job
1:42is to be the best you can be now mental fitness
1:47is like physical fitness you develop high levels of self-esteem
1:51and a positive mental attitude with training and practice
1:54here are the seven keys I promised you to becoming
1:58a completely positive person number one is positive
2:01self-talk speech yourself positively
2:05control your inner dialogue use affirmations
2:09positive statement praised in the positive present
2:12personal tense my favorite char I like myself
2:16I like myself I can do it I can do it I feel term graphic I am responsible
2:22this is how top people think most of the time
2:25now suck on to say that fully ninety five percent if your emotions are
2:31by the way you talk to yourself as you go to your day
2:35this is called your inner dialogue it's the stream upwards and thoughts and
2:39feelings that
2:40course through your day like a river going through your mind
2:43the sad fact is that if you do not deliberately and consciously
2:47talk to yourself in a positive and constructive way he will
2:51by default think about things that will make you
2:55i'm happier cause you worry and anxiety
2:58remember your mind is like a vacuum it will not remain empty
3:02if you don't feel it with positive thoughts that will feel
3:05with negative thoughts and you know exactly what I'm talking about
3:08your mind is like a garden if you do not deliberately plant flowers and
3:13tendon carefully weeds will grow without any incursion
3:17at all if you don't think positive thoughts and can
3:21take good care of them negative thoughts will grow in your metal garden
3:25without any I effort on your part the second key is positive visualization
3:32now perhaps the most powerful ability that you have
3:35is the ability to visualize into see your goals
3:39has already accomplished she your life as ideal
3:43in every way the way you do this as you create clear
3:47exciting picture in your goal and your ideal life and replay
3:51this picture on the screen if you're mine over and over again
3:55the roux is that all improvement in your outer life begins with an improvement
4:00in your mental pictures and you completely control the pictures that you
4:06on the screen if you're mine as you see yourself
4:09on the inside you will start to be that percent
4:13with those accomplishments I me outside
4:16the third key is positive people
4:20your choice to the people with whom you live and work in association
4:24we'll have more of an impact on your emotions and your success
4:27than any other factor why it's because they control yourself talk
4:32and her mental pictures so decided today to associate with
4:36winners with positive people with people were happy
4:40optimistic and who are going somewhere with their lives
4:44and the other hand avoid negative people at all costs
4:49negative people are the primary source the most
4:52lives unhappiness to resolve that
4:55from day on where you are not going to have stress or negative people in your
5:00at one decision alone can transform you thinking
5:05the fourth key is positive mental through
5:08just as your body is healthy to the degree to which you we help the
5:11nutritious food your mind is healthy to the degree to which you feed it with
5:16mental protein rather than mental candy
5:20read books magazines and articles that are educational inspirational
5:25or motivational feature mind with information and ideas that are up lefty
5:30and that make you feel happy and more confident
5:33about yourself and your world
5:36this into positive constructive CDs and
5:39audio programs in your car and on your mp3 player or iPod
5:44feed your mind continuing with positive messages that help you think
5:48an act better and make you more capable and competent
5:52in your field watch positive in educational DVD
5:56educational television programs online courses
6:00and other uplifting Richie material that
6:03increases your knowledge and makes you feel good about yourself and your life
6:08did you know that every time you learn something new
6:11that you feel can help improve your life your brain releases
6:14endorphins which are called nature's happy drug and you actually feel
6:18happy her even before you take action on a new piece if i dnt feel happier
6:23that you've learned and new idea in the first place
6:28at the fifth key is positive training and development
6:31this is but I love almost everyone in our society starts off with limited
6:37sometimes with no money at all personally all fortunes begin with the
6:42of personal services some kind
6:45all the people who were at the top today were once at the bottom
6:49and sometimes they fell to the bottom several times
6:52in their journey through life the American a lifelong learning and
6:56personal improvement
6:58is what it takes to get you from rags to riches from
7:02poverty to affluent and from underachievement to success
7:06and financial independence as Jim Rohn said
7:10formal education will make you 11 self-education
7:14well make your fortune when you dedicate yourself to learning and growing and
7:19becoming better and more effective in your
7:21thoughts and actions you take complete control of your life
7:25and dramatically increase the speed at which you move OPORD
7:30to greater heights now the six
7:33key is positive help apt take excellent care if your physical health
7:38res of the day that you're going to live to be 80 or 90 or 100 years old
7:42and still be dancing in the evenings
7:45the way you do this issue eat excellent food healthy and nutritious
7:50and you eat and sparingly and in proper balance
7:53and excellent diet will have an immediate positive effect on you
7:56thoughts and feelings resolve to get regular exercise at least
8:01200 minutes %uh motion per week that 30 minutes per day
8:05walking running swimming bicycling or
8:08working out on equipment and GM when you exercise on a regular basis you feel
8:13happier in
8:14healthier experience some lower levels of stress and fatigue
8:18that a person is set on the couch and watch is television all evening
8:23especially in this busy world get ample rest and relaxation
8:27you need to recharge your batteries on a regular basis
8:31especially when you're going through periods that stress or difficulty
8:35Vince Lombardi one said fatigue makes cowards of us all
8:40some other factors that predispose us to negative emotions up all kinds are poor
8:44health habits
8:45pretty lack of exercise and nonstop work without rest
8:51seek balance in your life
8:54now the seven key is positive expectations having positive
8:59is when most powerful techniques you can use they become a positive person
9:04and to ensure positive outcomes and better result in your life
9:08your expectations become your own self-fulfilling prophecies
9:13but if you expect with confidence seems
9:16to come into your life says you can control your expectations you should
9:22expect the best expect to be successful
9:25expect to be popular when you meet new people expect to achieve great calls
9:30they create a wonderful life for yourself
9:34when you can certainly expect good things to happen
9:37yourself be disappointed

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